Hardwood Floor Cleaning San Bruno CA

Affordable, professional eco-friendly, kid-friendly and pet-friendly hard surface, carpet and upholstery cleaning for your home or office. Tile, grout, tubs, walls, hardwood floors & more! 650-574-4696

Carpet Cleaning

carpet steam cleaning

Regardless of how you take care of your house, your carpet will eventually get dirty, absorb stains, retain odors and require a deep cleaning. If you want it to look like new, consider having Kleenet's professional carpet cleaning team work on it. Kleenet has more than 30 years of experience, highly trained professionals, and environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning supplies to remove deeply embedded dirt and stains from any type of carpet.

We are committed to performing high-quality work that is eco-friendly, kid-friendly, pet-friendly and we want you to be completely satisfied with the results. You can rely on us for competitive pricing, fast response times and friendly, professional service. We even offer a variety of packages to fit every home and budget. Call Kleenet Carpet & Upholstery today at 650-574-4696 for all your carpet cleaning needs!

Hard Surface Cleaning

Do you have tile and grout in your home that is in need of a good cleaning? If so, save your time, your money and your knees and let us handle the job for you! We will get your tile and grout areas sparkling like new again. We can handle any surface including tubs, showers, floors, backsplashes, counters and walls. We also offer hard surface cleaning services for high-traffic areas such as hallways, staircases and foyers and we can clean outdoor areas including terraces, decks, patios and pool areas.

hardwood floor cleaning

We clean:

  • Tile and Grout
  • Granite and Marble
  • Laminate and Vinyl Flooring
  • Harwood Floors
  • Concrete
  • Wood

When you want the job done right, depend on us. With one call to Kleenet Carpet & Upholstery, you can have all your hard surfaces sparkling and looking like new again! We will have the job done in no time - and we work with your schedule so as not to disrupt your routine. Call us today at 650-574-4696!

Upholstery Cleaning

People often don't think about their upholstery, but the truth is there is dust, body oils, allergens, pollen and much more that is locked in the fabric making them not only look dingy but also trapping odors deep down inside. By having your upholstery professionally deep cleaned you will be able to know that all of that will be removed, meaning a clean surface and a longer life span for your upholstery. Is your car looking dirty and dingy? We also offer vehicle upholstery cleaning to keep your car upholstery looking good! Contact us today for all your upholstery cleaning needs! Our upholstery cleaning services are eco-friendly, kid-friendly and pet-friendly

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Odor and Stain Removal

Do you own pets? As a pet owner, you may have resigned yourself to smelly, unsightly carpets but you don't have to! Kleenet has the tools and skills to eliminate even the strongest pet odors and stains using a proprietary double enzyme solution pre-spray to attack even the worst pet stains.

Our pet odor and stain removal services are designed to transform your carpets. We will take the time to assess the state of your carpets, and then use our arsenal of tools and techniques to get rid of dirt, debris, and those unpleasant odors. We pride ourselves on our complete professionalism and attention to detail and we go out of our way to keep the rates reasonable and affordable. Call us today!

commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

At Kleenet Carpet & Upholstery we offer a full line of expert janitorial services. We can take care of your carpet, upholstery, tile, grout, and hardwood, helping you maintain the image of your work-place and supporting the success of your business. We offer the best equipment and certified trained professionals to support you on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and if your company already has full-time janitorial staff, we can offer assistance with large projects or when a deeper cleaning that is eco-friendly is needed.

We offer reasonable rates that are calculated by the square footage so you know you are getting a fair price. Contact us today at 650-574-4696 to discuss a custom plan for your business!